Reviews of The Eureka Factor

"An incredible accomplishment...[The Eureka Factor] is not just a chronicle of the journey that numerous scientists (including the authors) have taken to examine insight but is also a fascinating guide to how advances in science are made in general. Messrs. Kounios and Beeman explain how a parade of clever experiments can be designed to answer specific questions and rule out alternative possibilities.... Wonderful ideas appear as if out of nowhere -- and we are delighted." -- The Wall Street Journal 


“Delicious . . . In The Eureka Factor, neuroscientists John Kounios and Mark Beeman give many other examples of [a] kind of lightning bolt of insight, but back this up with the latest brain-imaging research.”—Newsweek


"One of the 15 Best Business Books of the Year" -- Business Insider

"Editor's Recommendation" -- Barnes & Noble

“An excellent title for those interested in neuroscience or creativity . . . The writing is engaging and readable, mixing stories of famous perceptions with explanations of how such revelations happen, and including suggestions throughout to help people become more insightful.”—Library Journal (Starred Review)


“Kounios and Beeman, distinguished neuroscientists with more than twenty years of cognitive research to their credit, examine such incidents of insight, juxtaposing the mere wonder of it all with the quantifiable science behind how the brain functions. . . . Knowing how and when the brain can spark at maximum responsiveness can open up a world of inventiveness and inspiration. A lively and accessible ‘brain’ book with wide appeal.”—Booklist


“Readers curious to know what happens when we solve a problem in a flash will find the latest research here [and] will appreciate [this] ingenious, thoughtful update on how the mind works.”—Kirkus Reviews