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08-2018: Featured in TIME magazine special edition on "The Science of Creativity.
07-20-2017: The Eureka Factor is published in China. Becomes an "Editor's Choice."
06-1-2017: John's op-ed in The New York Times
03-04-2017: The Eureka Factor becomes Amazon #1 Bestseller in Creativity and #1 Bestseller in  
                     Cognitive Psychology 
12-2016: Our insight research featured in December, 2016, edition of Prevention magazine.
10-2016: The Greek edition of The Eureka Factor published by Gotsis Ekthosis.
09-21-2016: Our insight research featured on the Discovery Science Channel's TV series "Through the                               Wormhole with Morgan Freeman" in the episode entitled "Can We All Become Geniuses?".
06-27-2016: The Eureka Factor profiled in The Saturday Evening Post. 
05-01-2016: Our latest research covered by Scientific American
04-27-2016: Our latest research covered by The Times (U.K.) 
04-15-2016: John's article in Wired (U.K.) 
01-06-2016: German edition of The Eureka Factor is the #1 Bestseller in Creativity.
12-03-2015: Library Journal named The Eureka Factor a 2015 best seller.
10-27-2015: John speaks at a symposium sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of                        Science (AAAS) in Washington, DC.
10-23-2015: John gave a colloquium at the University of Pennsylvania's Institute for Research in Cognitive                      Science (IRCS). 
09-21-2015: Release of the German edition of The Eureka Factor (Das Aha! Erlebnis)
09-17-2015: Aha! Close Your Eyes for Inspiration, Association for Psychological Science. 
08-03-2015: The National Science Foundation's interview with John about his NSF-funded research. 
07-12-2015: The Philadelphia Inquirer profiled John. 
07-06-2015: The Washington Post interviewed John about creativity enhancement.
07-01-2015: The Washington Post listed The Eureka Factor as a "book that will help you professionally."
06-18-2015: John Kounios interviewed on the WHYY radio program "The Pulse."
06-11-2015: John Kounios interviewed on the WHYY radio program "Radio Times."
05-30-2015: The Wall Street Journal reviewed The Eureka Factor.
05-21-2015: The Business Insider listed The Eureka Factor among top books to read this summer. 
05-15-2015John Kounios interviewed on WITF-FM's Smart Talk radio program. 
04-14-2015: U.S. release of The Eureka Factor.  John gave a public talk at Montclair State University. 
04-09-2015: U.K. release of The Eureka Factor. 
03-25-2015: The Eureka Factor is the cover story of Haverford Magazine. 03
03-21-2015: The Eureka Factor is Amazon's #1 New Release in Cognitive Psychology. 
03-11-2015: The Eureka Factor received a Starred Review from Library Journal. 


03-11-2015: The Eureka Factor received an Editor's Recommendation from Barnes and Noble. 

12-06-2014Business Insider named The Eureka Factor one of the 15 best business books of 2015.